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How Does the Body Scan Work?

The BIA test measures your fat mass, %fat mass, muscle mass, %muscle mass, and resting metabolic rate (i.e. baseline Calorie needs). Knowing this information is key to reaching your fitness goals- whether that means shedding a few pounds or bulking up. So stop guessing and start testing with Body Composition Testing!

It is a quick and pain-free test that sends safe, low-level currents throughout your body. The current runs between electrodes attached to your hands and feet to give us a measurement.

Benefits of the BIA Machine:

  • Painless

  • Quick test

  • No uncomfortable pinching

  • Track your progress over time

  • More accurate than predictive formulas for body composition

  • No more relying on just the scale to track your progress

Is the Body Scan Test the Right Fit for Me?

​The body composition test is great for:

  • Tracking your fat loss or muscle gain

  • Determining your calorie and protein requirements more accurately than equations

  • Monitoring your muscle to prevent excessive losses during injury recovery or weight cuts

It is very important to follow the following steps before your body composition test. If the protocol is not followed, your body composition test and resulting nutrition plan will be skewed.

  • Ensure you are well hydrated the day before your test

  • Do not eat for 3-4 hours before the test

  • Avoid caffeine day of the test

  • Avoid alcohol within 24 hours of the test

  • Avoid intense exercise day before the test and avoid exercise about 6-12 hours before the test

  • Wear light clothes day of the test

  • Do not take the test after a shower, hot tub or sauna

  • Do not take the test during a menstrual cycle

  • It may be easier to book the test as early as possible to avoid accidentally not following the protocol (i.e. drinking coffee or eating etc.)

  • Whenever you retest, ensure you are able to replicate the same conditions (clothing, exercise, fasting etc). It may be helpful to record what you did during the initial test for the repeat.

The body composition test is not appropriate for people who are pregnant or have an electronic medical device implanted.