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Personalized & Private Nutrition Counselling for PCOS & Weight Loss 

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A Unique Philosophy

We don’t believe in diets, restrictions, or food rules. We believe in lifelong skills that will help you maintain your progress.

The 1 on 1 nutrition program is designed to help you:

  • Lose weight without cutting out your favourite foods

  • Repair your energy levels, frequent injuries, and health

  • Improve your PCOS & gut health symptoms

  • Recover crash diets, food rules, and an impaired relationship with food

  • Free up brain space to help you focus on your passions, career, and relationships

  • Learn lifelong skills to maintain your progress

What's Included in the 1-on-1 Nutrition Coaching Program?

If you're looking for nutrition coaching that is tailored to your specific needs or medical conditions, look no further than 1 on 1 Nutrition Coaching.
Whether you're interested in macro-based nutrition coaching, behavioural based nutrition coaching, or weight-inclusive nutrition coaching, we have a style that will suit you. You'll have unlimited support through email and messaging in between appointments, so we can always be there for you when you need us. With a high degree of accountability with weekly or biweekly coaching appointments and the option for a personalized meal plan with recipes and a grocery list, we will help you reach your goals in a sustainable way. Plus, we offer body composition and metabolic testing to help you track your progress.

How the Nutrition Coaching Program Works

  1. Awareness

    • In order for you to get the most success out of this program, we review your current diet, supplements, training schedule, sleep, stress levels, mood, energy levels, gut health, and relationship with food. It is also important to review your previous diets, what worked for you, and what didn’t help your performance. You will learn a system for tracking food, mood, performance, and recovery.  Additionally, you have the option of completing body composition & metabolic testing because if you are not assessing, you’re just guessing!

  2. Foundation

    • At this point, you will strengthen the fundamental nutrition & lifestyle habits that will set you up for lifelong success. Life gets simpler when we focus one fewer things instead of tackling everything all at once, my coaching program helps you focus on strategic nutrition changes and learn the science of sustainable goal setting and revision.

  3. Results

    • Once you have a handle on the basics, you will make adjustments to lose weight or body fat without energy crashes, cutting out all of your favourite foods, or sacrificing your health. During entire program and especially this stage, you have a high degree of support and accountability with unlimited email support, weekly check-ins and progress calls.

  4. Recovery & Maintenance

    • During this phase, we focus on the diet after the diet. We use reverse dieting to gradually bring you back to more normal eating pattern and focus on skills to set you up for success. The main goal of this phase is for you to “graduate” as the expert on what works for your body and maintain the hard-earned gain in body composition and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the 1-on-1 Nutrition Program the Right Fit for Me?

It's a Good Fit For You If:

  • You need a higher level of guidance and accountability.

  • You are a little more private and find group settings less effective for your learning style or preferences.

  • You need more 1 on 1 attention from a Dietitian to help improve PCOS, IBS, Diabetes, or your relationship with food.

  • You want to lose body fat or make weight sustainably while eating foods you love!

  • You want to nourish your body for long-lasting energy & clarity so you can fully participate and excel in your passions, career, and relationships.

  • You want to maintain your hard-earned gains through tailored nutrition coaching with a high degree of accountability that builds skills for the rest of your life.

  • You want to ditch the food rules, crash diets, and deprivation through flexible dieting where you can include your favourite foods and go to social events with your friends without ruining your weight & fat loss progress!

  • You want to learn to decipher nutrition information easier and become the expert on what works for YOUR body by following a proven nutrition system that brings clarity & confidence to your food choices.

  • You are an action-taker, ready to commit time, energy & finances to achieve your goals, and you are willing to be uncomfortable in order to grow & achieve a higher goal.

It's Not a Good Fit for You If:

  • You expect overnight & fast results.

  • You want to “try it out” for a month.

  • You are unwilling to prioritize yourself & your own needs.

  • You are not ready to commit your time, energy & finances for a better future.

  • You are unwilling to reflect & track your progress.

  • You are not interested in growth & would rather just follow a restrictive meal plan.

How Much Is the Investment?

  • Anywhere between $400-3500, depending on your goals and the program!​

  • Not to worry, we have payment plans available to make investing in your health a little easier!

I am nervous about investing in myself. Is that normal?

YES! Most of my clients have said that in the beginning. My program should cost you nothing if you do it correctly! Most of my clients have SAVED money in the long run!

My clients saved money by:

  • No longer buying supplements that aren't safe or don't work

  • No longer buying & forgetting about random apps for grocery shopping or meal planning or dieting

  • Quitting the cycle of fat diets

  • Less impulse purchases while out at stores

  • Spent less on groceries WITHOUT wasting a bunch of food

  • Spent less on eating out

  • No longer buying new clothes as their old ones no longer fit

I am super busy and I don't have a lot of time. Can I still do this program?

  • YES! This program is designed to meet you where you are at, where ever that may be!

  • Most of my clients put in 30-60 minutes daily towards their goals!

  • It is important to remember that the more work you put in, the quicker you will see results but you can still be successful without sacrificing other important areas of your life!

What is Your Guarantee?

I cannot guarantee results, as your success lies in your hands and within your own actions, but I guarantee that I will be guiding you every step of the way! I can give you all of the tools and guidance in the world, but if you’re not willing to put in the work and be consistent, then the plan won’t work. This is 50% me, 50% you.

If you still have questions about the program, reach out for a free Clarity Call! Our Registered Dietitian will be happy to answer any questions and recommend a program that is the best fit for you!