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Learn How to Treat PCOS with Our PCOS Nutritionists

How We Help Treat PCOS with Nutrition

Thrive with PCOS Nutrition Course

Take our 4 module course designed to help you learn the basics of PCOS treatment options without any rigid food rules, guilt, or pseudo-science! 

The Thrive with PCOS Nutrition Course gives you:

  • Flexible and short online lessons that you can take at your own pace

  •  Access to the same high-quality nutrition education & tips on HOW to accomplish your goals as the 1-on-1 program, it is just delivered in a different and more affordable format!

  • More confidence on how to treat your PCOS symptoms in a safe & effective manner. 

  • Learn more about the basics of PCOS Nutrition from a PCOS Nutritionist including the different types of PCOS, how to treat PCOS, and the best exercise for PCOS.

  • Bonus Materials to Help You Learn!

    • A fillable workbook including space to take notes, detailed PCOS treatment steps, and supplement tips.​

    • Sample meal plans for PCOS complete with recipes, additional recipe packs, and nutrition handouts.

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diets for pcos nutritionist calgary

Specialized PCOS Support with a PCOS Nutritionist

You may be a better fit for our Nutrition Reset Package or our 1 on 1 Nutrition Coaching programs!

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