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How Our Canadian Nutritionist Dietitians Can Help You

In-person & Virtual Nutrition Packages Across Canada

Custom Meal Plan from a Nutritionist

Get the Guidance You Need From A Registered Dietitian

Just like you get an annual check-up with your doctor, you can do the same with your dietitian!


Your Dietitian will assess your nutrition habits, food journal, and lifestyle habits to recommend your next steps, how to balance your diet, and provide a custom meal plan.

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Thrive with PCOS Nutrition Course

Are you tired of spending ALL of your free time sorting through the conflicting and overwhelming information online?  Look no further than our PCOS Nutrition Course!

Private Nutrition Counselling With a Weight Loss & PCOS Nutritionist

Meet with your Dietitian coach every week or biweekly to crush your goals!

This program has the highest level of accountability and tailored nutrition advice for each step of your journey.

The 1-on-1 nutrition coaching program gives you:

  • Personalized nutrition treatment plan & goals

  • Highest level of support both during appointments and in-between appointments

  • Has everything is included (unlimited messaging to your dietitian, meal plans, macro guidelines, supplement reviews, body composition testing, metabolism testing, etc)

  • Is great for those with more complex conditions such as PCOS, Diabetes, IBS, IBD, etc

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Unsure of Where to Start?

Schedule a free Dietitian consult to learn which package would be the best fit for you!

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