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What to Expect When Seeing a Dietitian

What to Expect from a Dietician: The Edge Nutrition Method

what to expect at a dietitian appointment
what happns at a dietitan appointment

What Happens at a Dietitian Appointment?

In order to provide you with the highest level of care, each nutrition package begins with a detailed 1 hour nutrition intake to better understand you as a unique individual and your health. Your health, values, ideas, and any information gathered during assessments is used to understand the root cause and create a personalized plan to better meet your goals.
We want to get to know you!

get a personalized nutritionist plan when at a dietitian apointment

Personalized Nutritionist Plan

This isn’t just a one-stop shop where we go over the food guide and send you on your way. We don’t believe in quick fixes or band-aid solutions. We believe that success is built through small steps over time and that you are capable of anything with the right guidance. We believe in sustainable changes that allow you to reach your goals without the heartbreak and health risks of yo-yo dieting or the paralysis of decision fatigue.
We will be at your side for each step of your journey!

how a nutritionist counselor can help you

Holistic & Compassionate Nutritionist Counselor

Your well-being is impacted by multiple factors, not just food. Your Nutritionist will use a variety of traditional & holistic methods to ensure your goals are addressed from every angle including functional foods, medications, medical nutrition therapy, supplements, mindset, sleep, stress management, and connection.

We believe that all foods fit, all bodies deserve respect, and better health is achievable for all. Edge Nutrition & Performance takes pride in providing a compassionate and non-judgmental space for our clients to connect, grow, challenge themselves, and discover a healthier & more enjoyable lifestyle.

Learn more about how our Registered Dietitians can help you lose weight and thrive with PCOS without restrictive diets.

find a dietitian: how to find a nutritionist

Find a Dietitian: Who Is a Good Fit For You?

Congratulations on taking a step toward finding the right dietitian for you!


But how to find a nutritionist that is your perfect match?  Do your friends have any recommendations? Should you do some research online? And most importantly, what makes a great dietitian-client relationship? Keep reading for some helpful tips on finding the right registered dietitians for your unique needs and goals.


Don't worry, we've got your back! Check out a couple of our blogs that can help you learn more! 

What to Expect at a Dietitian Appointment: What Makes Us Different?

Why Did Letisha Start Edge Nutrition & Performance?


I am so passionate about helping women now because I know what it is like to struggle with gut health issues, chronic fatigue, and fat loss while battling an unhealthy relationship with food.  I went through some trauma as a child and without any coping skills of my own, food & my body became a method of control during a time when I had no support or direction. ⠀

For years afterward, I flirted with eating disorders, starving myself, then bingeing, exercising & competing while underfueled. My relationship with food was chaotic and I didn’t feel like I could trust myself around food. It even got to the point where I was getting sick every other week, had constant brain fog, dizzy & feeling weak during training, and lost my cycle. ⠀

It took a lot of hard work & therapy to get healthy, but by the time I started fighting as an amateur boxer, I was able to fuel for the high demands of training and make weight without my performance & mental health suffering or regaining a large amount of weight after the fight. I was even able to build muscle & lose fat without falling into old disordered eating patterns!

My superpower is to cut out all the noise, diet chatter, food rules, and body image expectations to help them sustainably reach their goals & maintain them. I believe that the best nutrition coaching helps free up brain space so you can focus on your family, career, and passions. My tailored nutrition coaching program builds lifelong skills to lose fat and recover from chronic diets, low energy, poor gut health, food rules, and an impaired relationship with food.

What to Expect When Seeing a Dietitian

Any Questions?

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