Author name: Letisha Hodges, RD

I am a Dietitian with a special interest in PCOS, sustainable weight loss, gut health, and healthy relationships with food. I help busy women reclaim their energy, wellness & confidence through creating nourishing lifelong habits.

pcos vegetarian diet text overlay picture of vegetarian foods

A plant based diet has been linked to improved insulin resistance and improved overall health in women with PCOS; however, […]

lose weight on vacation

Discover why some people can lose weight while on vacation and how you can do it too. With the right self-awareness, planning and professional help from a dietitian, you don’t have to put your wellness goals in second place! Learn more here.

pcos meal plan example

Women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) are bombarded with information daily on diets for PCOS, which foods are the best

why do I crave sweets after a meal

For some of us, it happens like clockwork; every evening after dinner I crave something sweet. What gives?! Why do

woman with pcos and ibs

In this blog, we will review the link between PCOS and IBS, the science behind food sensitivity testing, and actionable

pcos and bloating

Feeling bloated and uncomfortable? A Nutritionist specializing in PCOS breaks down normal bloating in PCOS and what you can do.

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