5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Avoiding Carbs for PCOS

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Even for women struggling with PCOS and insulin resistance! There are so many healthy carbs for PCOS with countless benefits.

Benefits of Carbs:

  • greater satiety (I like to call carbs the “fullness factor”)
  • lower cravings due to less restricting (you heard it here first)
  • improved fibre intake (hello better trips to the bathroom!)
  • improved intake of certain vitamins and minerals like B vitamins, magnesium, selenium, etc.
  • more antioxidants (think of all the fruits and veggies!)
  • more calcium (yes, milk and yogurt are carbs too)

Now since you may be surprised of the above carb sources, let’s be clear: no, butter is not a carb. Will this movie reference ever get old?

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We Can’t Keep Blaming Carbs For:

  • food addiction
  • inflammation
  • chronic diseases like diabetes or PCOS
  • weight gain

There’s definitely more to it than that!

pcos nutritionist nutritionist calgary dietitian vancouver nutritionist edmonton

Why You Should Eat Carbs for PCOS

  1. How you think about carbs, like how you think about anything really, matters.
    • The more you restrict, call carbs “bad” and create rules around them, the more you’re going to crave them. Instead, I help my clients focus on removing polarizing language around food (like “good” and “bad”) and opt for a neutral tone. It’s also helpful to figure out your optimal balance of enjoyment and nutrition.
    • Check out our other blog on why you may crave sweets after a meal or why PCOS sugar addiction is not real.
  2. Not all carbs are created equal.
    • There’s a pretty big difference between carbs that are in your favourite Pepsi or Coca Cola drinks than the carbs found in milk or whole wheat pasta. The latter would definitely be consider healthy carbs for PCOS and beyond.
  3. Carbs from whole foods and foods that are high in fibre are super healthy for you.
    • Carbs give your body fuel and energy so you can keep up with your kids, excel in your sport, and kick some serious butt at work!
  4. What you put on carbs and how you cook them matter.
    • Think about the difference between fries from McDonald’s and potato wedges you cook at home and roast in the oven. Wildly different in how they’re cooked AND what is put on them!
  5. Your portions matter. And so does balance.
    • A lasagna loaded with your favourite nutrient-packed, roasted veggies and lean meats is still lasagna, and that version makes a world of difference in terms of balance when compared to a version that just uses lasagna as a vehicle for cheese.
  6. Consistency makes a difference!
    • Pizza once a month? Go for alllll the cheese and high fats you want (AND ENJOY IT!). However, if you eat pizza as the main part of your diet, then maybe it’s a good idea to focus more on balance and consistency.
carbs for pcos healthy carbs for pcos

The Main Takeaway:

All foods fit!

PCOS is hard enough without imposing rigid food rules on ourselves.

Let’s move away from food shame and guilt to less stress & more enjoyment!

The first call is always free!

Reach out for a free consult call to learn more about how to get started improving your nutrition and PCOS symptoms without guilt.

pcos nutritionist nutritionist calgary dietitian vancouver nutritionist edmonton

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